The Rehoboth School campus is an ideal setting for church conferences, retreats, or church mission groups. The facilities and setting allow great flexibility for either large or small group sizes. Adult, youth, or multigenerational groups have found Rehoboth to be a great location for their goals of spiritual growth, strengthening the bonds within their faith community and reaching out to others through service on or off Rehoboth campus. Church groups can bring their own leadership or can utilize speakers or musicians from the community to help lead worship or facilitate discussions about Christ and culture. The beautiful scenery allows for meaningful quiet times and meditation, or take the time to explore the surrounding Red Rocks. Age appropriate service projects are in abundance. Working with children and youth in area churches and schools, serving at a local soup kitchen or food pantry, helping maintain Rehoboth School or local churches, and repairing, building or roofing houses are all options available for the faith communities which want to be Christ to the community.